The After Journey

A survivor’s guide after the death of a loved one by suicide

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The After Journey is a short guide for all those who lost a loved one to suicide along with a chapter for those who are supporting survivors. Written by Jenny and Harry Bruell seven years after losing their daughter to suicide, the After Journey provides a mix of personal stories with a compassionate and objective look at nine aspects of the After Journey.

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Click here for a review from the New Hampshire Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

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Praise for The After Journey

"This book by the Bruells has impressed me more than any of the other 'how-to-grieve' books I've ever read. First, it's suicide specific; grieving the loss of someone who died by suicide presents issues that others may never need to deal with: stigma and shame, trauma, and more. Next, the authors offer sensible, practical information about those issues sharing what they’ve learned through experience. Their respectful approach is gentle and respectful. Finally, the book’s organized in a logical way, and it’s written clearly and without excessive details that sometimes bog down readers. This is also the perfect book to guide participants in a support group dealing with grief after suicide. The topics invite sharing, discussion, and help in choosing a path to resolution." Karyl Chastain Beal, Founder of Parents of Suicide and Friends & Family of Suicide

“This is a beautiful book! Thank you so much for your vulnerability and openness in writing it. The personal stories are profound, the shared stories are thoughtful, and the bits of humor are relieving.” S.B.

“I am impressed with how many of my questions after my son’s suicide that you answered.” I.W.

“I have read your book twice now. I intend on reading your book many times. I felt encouraged knowing that I am not alone. I was encouraged to know that I am not grieving “wrong”. This is my grief and how I own it belongs to me.” J.M.